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Smooth transaction, good product, Many thanks:  Fast delivery, Great communication:  A pleasure to do business with you:  Everything perfect and a great phone for my elderly Mum:  A good phone, super fast delivery Great service, Excellent phone for my Nanny Easy pleasant transaction, Awesome service:  Good EBayer. Phone arrived in good order.


Phone perfect for my family member. Easy to use.

G.C. Clare SA 5453


Bob, this takes customer service to a whole new level. Heartfelt thanks for your generosity and i will do my best to get the message through to Mum. Even though the phone is rarely used, with the NBN requiring a landline to be connected to power, the EZF-5 is peace of mind for us.

J.F. Golden Bay WA 6174


Love it and super quick delivery. Thanks so much.

 J.A. Pt. Broughton SA 5522


Looked at other phones - EZF-5 best choice. Thanks for fast delivery.

D.T Morphett Vale SA  5162


Phone perfect for me. Just what i wanted. Thanks.

R.W. Modbury  SA 5092


We received the phone yesterday and my Dad is very happy with it. Thanks for the prompt service and delivery.

R.H QLD 4075


Hi Bob, Received the phone yesterday. It's perfect for my MUM, thank you for your amazing service.

K.B. QLD 4029


Hi Bob. I am so impressed with the phone purchased for my disabled son that i have ordered one for my wife who has a lot of difficulty using the smart phone she has at the moment. I am sure she will be much more comfortable with the EZF. Thank you for a great product at a sensible price.

J.W. Boonah QLD 


My Father is very happy with his new phone! Thank you very much for your extremely quick service. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.

G.H. Cooks Gap NSW


Good afternoon Bob. I am delighted to say my Mothers new phone has arrived !! Sensational Service - thank you so very much . Now to get the family numbers sorted for her. Thank you.

S.H. Mill Park. Victoria.


Received my EZF-5 phone today. Thanks for the fast delivery. I'm a technology dinasaur but i found the phone a breeze to operate. Also a pleasure to talk person to person when i contacted you last week..... getting rare these days. Thankyou once again Bob.

B.P.  McLaren Vale SA


Many thanks for your advice concerning the best signal options in Mt. Barker. OPTUS proved to be the best. I've set the phone up for Dad and he is very happy.

The SOS function is great, particularly when it dials OOO.

R.H. Mt. Barker SA


 The EZF-5 arrived safely this morning and we are very grateful. The size of the screen and buttons is even better than we had hoped for. The instructions are clear. We inserted Earls SIM card and entered a couple of contact numbers and it's now having its initial charge.

The ease of operation is really impressive and Earl is so relieved and finds the phone very manageable. Thank you for the bonus bluetooth speaker. 

V.B. Nth. Rockhampton. QLD.


I'll order a phone when they become available. My son has checked the Optus signal in our area and it is very strong.

Let me know by return email when the new phones are available. 

R.D. Nairne SA


Bob. We lost Mum last month, but Dad is doing ok and insisting on living in the family home. He's 84 but is as bright as a button.

I'll keep an eye on your website and contact you soon for a new phone.

P. V. Blackwood SA


Hey Bob, My old faithful T-150 is still working well. Looks like i need to upgrade to a 3G senior phone. Can you hold one for me and i'll get in touch when they arrive.

Thanks mate.

W.R. Highbury SA


Following on from my email, Mum is not happy that her old reliable 2G senior phone is being disconnected.

Can you add me to your waiting list and advise me once the new shipment arrives. Thank you for your service.

N.T. Mt. Barker


I have just found out that my phone will be obsolete on 1/12. I'll keep in contact with your website for the best deal.

K.H Greenwith


Bob, I still have your T-150 model that is working ok. Telstra has just told me to upgrade to 3G. Your new phone looks fantastic. I'll order one soon.Thank you Bob.

W. Reid Pt. Noarlunga. SA 


Thanks Bob. Mum loves the EZF-4. Thankyou for setting up the functions for her. Signal here is great.

J.H. Greenwith SA


Thank you for your prompt reply to my order. I really appreciate what you are offering to seniors and believe that your product is just the thing that my mother is looking for. I wish you continued success in your business and i look forward to receiving your phone soon.

M.T. Perth WA


Thank you so much. You certainly give great customer service. Mum was very surprised when I told her of your gesture. She was genuinely touched. Thank you again and I wish your business every success.

M.L.  Victoria.


Thank you for forwarding the items as you promised. Thanks also for being so professional with your after sales service.

T.T. Parramatta NSW


Fantastic response to my order - many thanks.

H.S. Balwyn Vict.


Hi Bob, Phone arrived safely. Many thanks for a quick service. At last I have a phone I can hear when it rings and I can use it with my fat fingers!

S.H Millicent SA


Just letting you know that I received the phone yesterday and gave it to Michele and showed her how to insert the lead. Thanks for the arrow, it will definitely be clear now. Now it's charged, I tested it this morning and all is well. I am sure to tell my colleagues of your excellent phone and service.

E.M.  Parramatta  NSW


G.Day Bob. Received my phone today - a good product and good service. Thank you very much.

B.H.  Bunbury  WA


You where right, the Optus signal here is fantastic. Thanks for your advice as Mum is enjoying her new phone.

C.S.  Cummins  S.A.


Just a quick message to say the phone has arrived and all is well. Many thanks for your assistance. You have made an elderly lady very happy. Her Xmas has come early.

N.M.  Fitzroy Victoria.



I have received the phone and it looks great Bob - very easy to use for my client with a mental illness.

E.M.  Southbank Victoria.


Just a note to say thanks for the EZF phone. The Optus signal over here is very good now with the installation of a new tower in our area. We get a full signal, which is great for my Mum who lives alone.

We are all a little more relaxed about here well being.

M.K. Corny Point SA



Got the phone Bob. Thank you for the prompt delivery. Dad loves it and we are more comfortable with him having direct contact with us in an emergency. He's taking it to his senior cits club to show them.

A.W. Renmark SA



A quick thanks.I've looked everywhere for a phone for my Mum who lives on her own and was just about to buy one of those button emergency necklaces. Fortunately I found your site when I searched "phones for elderly people" and i'm so pleased I found you. I was dreading going to a phone shop with my mother, where the teenagers working there can't be bothered (unless you're buying something expensive). They look at us and wonder what we are even doing there. I work with many elderly people and I hear over and over again how difficult it is for them to use a mobile phone. I'll take your number and details with me to work each time from now on so I can tell them all about the EZF phone. You're a gem. All the best.

J.S. Hallett Cove. SA  


Hi Bob. Thank you for the very prompt service. It was very quick!! The phone is a joy to use, simple, very easy to set up. Thank you,regards.

G.S.  Belgrave. Vict



Hi Bob. I bought the EZF mobile phone for my aunty who is 85 years old. She was absolutely delighted with it. She finds it easy to use with the large print. I was concerned that the sound would be a problem as she wears hearing aids, but she says it is clearer than her home phone. I put in all her contact numbers and also my number for the emergency contact. She now takes it out when walking and it is peace of mind for me knowing she can contact me if she needs me urgently. Two of her friends were so impressed with the simplicity of it and have ordered one for themselves. Thank you for a great product.

C.R. Birra Lake WA


I purchased an EZFMOBILE for my mother after she suffered a stroke and subsequently had open heart surgery. We originally had an "in house" personal safety alarm which was a monthly cost with an initial set up fee. This became useless once Mum became more independent and wanted to go out for walks. The EZF was the perfect solution. She suffered some vision loss and memory loss as a result or the stroke but the phone put my mind at ease knowing that I could contact Mum at any time and she has remembered the magic "orange panic button" on the back of the phone so I know she can contact me in case of an emergency. The cost of the phone was less than the set up fee for the "in house" personal safety alarm and the plan that you recommended is great. We get six months for the price of what one months fee is for the "in house" alarm. The fact that it is mobile is amazing. I should have purchased this when she first came out of hospital. It would have saved a lot of money and hastle. The phone is fantastic. Great design, easy to use and has certainly put me more at ease. I would highly recommend the EZFMOBILE for anyone. If nothing else it puts family/carers at ease knowing that they can contact their loved ones wherever they may be and that emergency button is a real bonus. Thank you for making the life of this carer a little easier.

C.H. Box Hill North. Victoria.


My Father is 87 years old and wants to maintain his independence. I needed a communications device that he could use without complications and support an emergency call facility. The EZF is the perfect choice, large keypad, large text, simple menus and an excellent panic facility that supports Call and SMS simultaneously. Real peace of mind for me and Dad.

M.R. Kogarah. NSW


We purchased the EZF as an easy mobile for our elderly mother. Whilst it took a little time for her to grasp, it is a simplified and basic phone which she has eventually grasped and without other complicated functions that she would not use anyway.

She has her phone with her at all times due to the SOS function which provides her with security as she lives on her own. She has also recommended this phone to two other friends which their family have purchased for their elderly relatives.

E.N. Perth. WA.


We actually purchased the phone for my father and what a hit! Easy to use, big buttons, loud ring etc. Plus the "I need help" button. (never had to use this but nice to know it's there). Highly recommend.

R.P. Kew. Victoria



A simple to use phone that's perfect for my 90 year old Mother. It's good to know that she can always contact me.

S.B. Darlinghurst. NSW



Bob. I'm amazed by your speedy service. My mother-in-law's phone arrived first thing this morning! It's great, just what she needs and easy to set up too. Many thanks.

J.M.  Malvern. Victoria


Many thanks for the prompt shipping, the phone has arrived already. As Dad doesn't use the internet, all of us have arranged the phone for him. I found your phone on-line and Dad was looking for a phone that he could use better than the phone he has had for years. I have arranged the phone and a new inexpensive plan for him. The phone looks like it will be very easy to use. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you.

D.K.  Eltham. Victoria


Congratulations EZFMOBILE in providing seniors with an excellent, design-specific phone. The seniors-specific functional features are "magic" in simplicity and ease of operation. Seniors need a sense of "contact-certainty" and the EZF is a "must have" for personal security. The "SOS" facility is superb for family emergency contact and response. I am more relaxed with my now-essential EZF at hand.

W.S. Pt.Fairy. Vict.



Thanks Bob for the prompt reply. I have got the hang of the benefits of the phone. I have slight trouble with my hearing - due to firing heavy guns while in the army. The EZFMOBILE is the only mobile i've had which is easy to hear under all conditions.

E.D.  Port Elliot. SA


Thanks Bob for the phone. My Dad is 87 and even though he only lives 1/2K from us, we still worry about his safety. He uses the lanyard all the time and we feel a lot more at ease knowing that he can contact us quickly in an emergency. Thankyou for your prompt and considerate attention you paid to our concerns.

J.H. Pt. Augusta. SA


My family purchased a EZF mobile phone in 2010 for our father who had been moved into a nursing home. Our requirements were for a simple to use phone with a large bright display and large buttons but without the fearures bundled with most phones. It was also critical that the phone had enough volume so our partially deaf father could hear a caller on it. The EZF has suited these requirements and our father finds it easy to operate and the volume is more than sufficient for him to hear. The family can now enjoy talking to Dad again when they are not able to be with him.

M.H.  East Victoria Park


Hi Bob, I am happy to add my name to the list of testimonials for the EZF Mobile phone.

I bought the phone for my father, who is totally IT illiterate. He is approaching 80 and found new technology too hard to figure out and hard to see. He LOVES this phone and set it all up himself! I couldn't believe it. Now my fiance' wants to get one as well. It is so good to finally be able to get a phone that is just a phone with no fancy gadgets, for people who just need a mobile phone and nothing else.

I can highly recommend this phone to anyone looking for an easy and affordable phone for any age.

C.L. Hobart .Tasmania


There are a few things that stand out for me - compared with the previous phones. The keypad lock is one accessible plus, especially as I walk a lot. The easy walk through menu and the clear numbering is great, along with identification of callers. Remember the mobiles we used before for emergencies? This one is great.

J.M. Malvern. Victoria.


Just a quick note to thank you for your product. Got the SIM operating and Mum is very happy with the phone.I'm sure the simplicity of the phone will remove her techno fear. Thanks.

K.P.  Notting Hill. Vict.


I love my EZF phone! It's just wonderful. At last a phone i can use easily and i don't even need my glasses to see who's calling or to dial a number. It's like a dream come true. Thank you."
Mrs. P.D. Adelaide (86 yrs/old)


" We purchased the senior mobile for our aging Father who has difficulty reading small phone screens. Together with the easy to use large keypad and the desktop charger, this phone has been a godsend to him. He has also used the one touch help button several times when he has been in difficulty. Overall this phone does exactly as advertised."

P.E.  Mt. Waverly. Vict.


" I bought the EZFMOBILE as a present for my older relatives (in their 80's). With minimal training they are now using it regularly. I would recommend this phone to any senior persons who have troubles with modern technology (initially). Thanks heaps." 
W.L. Norlane Vict.


" With my Mum approaching 80, she needed a phone with "big" buttons and screen that is easy to use- especially as she travels around the country visiting her children. We will worry less about her losing her way now that she has such a simple way to call for help ( the 5 favourite numbers is a great idea)."

C.S. Bentleigh. Vict.


Hey Bob, thanks for organising the EZF phone for Aunty Fay. It's such a relief now knowing that she can reach us in an emergency.

S.D. Mt.Barker. SA


"We bought the EZF-T500 phone for our 8 year old son to use as a security aid whenever he is away from home. The 5 speed dial numbers include all of our family and it is such a relief to know that he can contact us quickly if required. We have a "Long Life" plan with our provider and the cost is minimal" .

J.B. Gawler. SA


" My Nan loves it". 

K.T. Burnside. SA


The best feature for Mum was the ease of use. I had programmed all the calls into her phone and all she had to do was ring. The bonus for her has been that it is with her all the time and that means she can contact us all the time if need be. It is simple to use once it is set up without the unnecessary additions that mobile phones have today. Simple is best.

R.S. Newport. NSW


We needed a phone with a single button SOS emergency and simple speed dial numbers with large easy to read screen for our elderly father. This is a great product - has an easy to use desk charger - slide button to lock the phone - and even a torch. Great sensible features for the price. 

G.&B. Rockingham. WA


Hi Bob, It is great. Easy to use. Love the colour when it lights up at night. I don't need glasses to read or use it as i do with other phones. Very clear sound when you talk and listen on it. Good loud ring tone. I have shown a few people, they like it also, especially my sisters, who are older than me and just want a simple phone without all the gimics that go with all other brands. Thankyou.

C.D.  Mailors Flat. Vict.


Great to have the EZF-T500 phone in Australia, South Australia even. I have had bad experiences with trying to buy on-line and finding "DUDS"

C.O. Blair Athol. SA


Thanks for getting the phone away so quickly. I received it today which is my Mums birthday, so all is well. I think it will be perfect for what she needs. Thanks for the prompt service. Regards. 

K.P.  Notting Hill. Vict.


EBAY Comments


Thank you, very honest and fast delivery. Definitely would deal with you again.

B.C Warriewood. Vict.


Top seller, quality product, well packed and very happy with the phone. Thanks.

P.G. Werribee. Vict.


Great phone, exactly as described. Great service and communication. Many thanks.

J.T. Tasmania


Top seller, super fast delivery, recommended seller

Y.C. Pt. Fairy. Vict.


Great communication. Great phone. Thankyou.

J.T. Ararat Vict.


Top service, top product.

J.L. Murrumbeena. Vict.


Just as described, perfect item, postage was quick.

J.W. Adelaide. SA


Excellent transaction.

G.G. Rockhampton. QLD


Thankyou, as described, quick post and great communication.

R.W. Kalbar. QLD


Excellent service. Thankyou.

G.H. Rockingham. WA


A pleasure doing business with this buyer.

C.S. Barden Ridge. NSW


Good Ebayer. Very pleasant to deal with.

A.V. Blackwood. SA